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About us

We are a diverse group of artists from around the world who are collaborating with One ft2 to produce a unique collection of original works of art.

The purpose of this project is three-fold: to gain exposure as artists; to participate in something bigger than oneself; and to offer affordable art to the average consumer.


Our Work

Each piece is an original work of art created on a 12”x12” (one foot square) wood panel that can be combined with any number of pieces, creating a unique collection for each buyer. All sides of the piece are finished and therefore ready to hang - no framing required. Because each piece is square, it is easy to group them, making an attractive display for any wall.


You choose which pieces you want in your collection. You choose how many you want to collect.


Each piece is stamped with our logo, year, and serial number before sending to the artist to work on. Artists use the medium(s) of their choice: oil or acrylic paints, water colours, paper, pen & ink, charcoal, pencil and/or other types of mediums. When the piece is complete the artist signs and titles it then submits it to our website. The actual piece remains in the hands of the artist until it is sold. Upon which, the artist sends their piece directly to the buyer. A document from One ft2 detailing the piece is also sent to the buyer. The buyer is encouraged to contact the artist directly to purchase other works that are not part of the One ft2 Collection, or to commission a piece.

Each artist holds the rights to their own work, however their piece is part of the One ft2 Collection and therefore is branded as such. One ft2 will not reproduce any artist’s work without their written consent. Reproductions of our favourite pieces will be available as greeting cards, bookmarks, and oversized postcards. Proceeds will be split 50-50 with the artist and One ft2.

Pieces are priced according to fair market value and all proceeds are split equally between the artist and One ft2.


Custom Work - Coming Soon!

We provide custom pieces for those who want something really special. Maybe it's your husband's initial, or your baby's birth date, or a picture of your beloved pet. Simply find the "Custom Work" button on our site and tell us what artists' works appeal to you most and we'll commission a piece for your collection. We will work within the guidelines given but do keep in mind that our artists have creative licence to interpret your direction.